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Chonda Pierce,
Comedian / Recording Artist,
Integrity Records

Several years ago I found myself in a hotel room recounting the ups and downs of my childhood. I knew I had to look at those years and I knew I needed help. When I heard about Philippian Ministries and emotional healing prayer, I was skeptical! That was the nature of my personality. However, I knew that God was leading me and thankfully I decided to follow.

Three days later I emerged a different person. Better. Changed forever. The healing that took place and the healing that continues to this day was the catalyst for true joy and true resurrection in my soul.

I am forever grateful to Lana Bateman and Philippian Ministries. Her life dedi-cated to prayer and the healing of God's broken children is true medicine to the body of Christ, someone to rub the healing balm of Gilead onto each wounded life.

Janie Richardson

The Northern Arizona Christian Women's Retreat proved to be one of those life changing times. Lana Bateman was our speaker and her message and gentle spirit spoke to my heart.

The Lord had started my healing journey some two years before as I listened to Patsy Clairmont's grace-filled message about our hurting places. From this point, Jesus took me back through 20 years of buried grief I held over the loss of twin boys. Meeting Lana, and hearing of Philippian Ministries, sent me into a new area of healing.

The Lord urged me to take a walk in faith that lead me to Palm Springs, California, to my emotional healing prayer. During this healing time, the Lord began to teach me what it meant to: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5,6

Rose Ann Mullen was the prayer director who, with love and deep Christian belief, helped me take the Lord's hand through a lifetime of forgiveness in prayer. He took me back to find God's innocent little girl that I had lost so long ago. The freedom from past hurts and bondage let my spirit soar to new heights. It was almost more than my heart could grasp. That beautiful March day will always be one of my most cherished memories.

With the Lord's incredible grace and wisdom, He said, "Please take another step with me and become a Philippian Ministries prayer director. I headed back to Huntington Beach, CA and a tremendous three days of learning and sharing with Lana and several great people, all of us looking for God's will in our lives.

One of my dearest Scripture verses is Philippians 1:6, "being confident of this, that He Who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Praise the Lord!

Sheryl Engstrom

As I sat in church I found it hard to concentrate on what was being said from the pulpit. My mind wondered off with all kinds of inappropriate thoughts. My relationship with God had been hindered for years because I didn't feel worthy of His love or the sacrifice He made for me on the cross.

I knew if the people sitting here (in Church) knew some of the things I had done and the poor choices I had made, they really wouldn't like me nor would they want to have anything to do with me. I felt disconnected from the Lord and my Christian walk was a facade to keep the real me hidden in shame, guilt and emotional pain.

I came to emotional healing Prayer as a last resort. "If this didn't work," I thought, "then I will give up on God and revert to my own devices to get the love and approval I so desperately need."

The time I spent with my prayer director was life changing. Not only did I come away knowing that the Lord had been there loving me though out every poor choice I had made, but also that He wanted to take the pain, anger and bitterness away, because of the abuse I had suffered so long ago. I no longer sit in church wondering if the Lord loves me, I know He does, and I feel His love. I am able to embrace Him as never before. The Lord has touched my past and healed it, and now I am now able to minister to others because of His healing touch in my life. Just as Paul said in Corinthians, I am able to comfort others with the comfort with which He has comforted me!

Fern and Rol Rich

My husband Rol and I spent many years on the mission field for Wycliffe before we were exposed to emotional healing prayer. I had been carrying many fears and insecurities from my early years.

I went through this life-time prayer and, in doing so, found freedom from fear and a terrible sense that God would allow something bad to happen to me. During the following year, God wonderfully continued His healing work in me.

He removed a lot of super-sensitivity that caused me to feel things so deeply, and over-identify with people in sufferings, etc. I was 41 years old at the time, so it was amazing to finally be free from these feelings and fears.

Because of the work of God's Spirit in my life and my husband's, we began sharing together more in praying for people and reaching out to fellow-workers. We also became more interested in healing prayer and began to read what we could find on the subject.

In time, we were able to go through the Philippian Ministries training seminar. It provided invaluable tools for us in ministry. What we learned is being blessed by God, not only for our use in ministry but also for others. We are very grateful and feel God has mightily used that training in our lives.

On the field there were opportunities among fellow-workers and also in the tribes. We didn't lack for opportunities to share and encourage. Now as we retire in California, we remain open to being vessels of God's healing in the lives of His hurting children.

There is such a desperate need for this type of ministry. So many could use the freedom found in this prayer. We are very grateful to God for His wondrous healing and for the tools we received from Philippian Ministries.

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