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Jan. 6 - 17 / Ft. Walton, FL
Jan. 26 - Feb. 3 / Bakersfield, CA
Feb. 17 - 19 / Billings, MT
Feb. 20 - 29 / Palm Springs, CA
March 2 - 4 / Shreveport, LA
March 16 - 18 / Miami, FL
March 23 - 25 / Las Vegas, NV
March 30 - April 1st / Wichita, KS
April 13 - 15 / Cincinnati, OH
April 30 - May 17 / Egypt, Jordon
May 18 - 20 / San Diego
May 20 - May 22 / Dennis Home
June 9 - 10 / Syracuse, NY
June 15 - 17 / Little Rock, AR
June 22 - 24 / Hoffman Estates, IL
July 9 - July 13 / Detroit, MI Alum Training Seminar
July 25 - Aug. 1 / Aspen, CO
Aug. 1 - 4 / Oklahoma City, OK
Aug. 15 - 18 / Peoria, IL
Aug. 22 - 25 / Des Moines, IA
Sep. 5 - 8 / Denver, CO
Sep. 12 - 15 / Anaheim, CA
Sep. 19 - 22 / Dallas, TX
Sep. 26 - 29 / Kansas City, MO
Oct. 3 - 6 / Portland, OR
Oct. 10 - 13 / San Antonio, TX
Oct. 17 - 20 / St. Paul, MN
Oct. 24 - 27 / Sacramento, CA
Oct. 31 - 3 / Seattle, WA
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(New Title for God's Crippled Children with additional chapters). Through her own story, Lana Bateman will lead you into spiritual security and emotional freedom. Lana is the founder of Philippian Ministries which provides prayer counseling for emotionally hurting Christians. If you are just beginning to face the reality of past pain in your own life or are nearing the end of your healing journey, Lana offers spiritual perspective and healing through prayer. Order
• Ways of the Heart
• His Wooing Love
• Treasures of the Heart
• Broken Vessels:
  Priceless Treasures
• Face to Face
• Love-Longing
• Being His Bride
• Into His Presence
The Heart of Prayer

After building a prayer foundation by understanding God's sovereignty, we must make a commitment to always come to Him honestly in our prayer times.

We must be willing to confess we are angry with Him when we are feeling that way. He is able to handle our anger, and He knows when it is there, whether or not we are honest about it.

Some people would tell you not to ask God questions like, “Why?” I am not one of those people. I believe that asking God “Why” indicates that we have the faith to know that He, and only He, has the answer. I believe “Why?” is a question that ultimately shows faith. However, once we ask the question, we must be willing to rest in His timing for the answer. For some situations the answer may come fairly quickly, for others, very slowly, and for some, not until we see Him face-to-face. If we trust in the sovereignty of our God, we wrestle our way to peace in the knowledge that if an answer is for our highest good, the God who loves us will not withhold it.

Bible Promises for the Healing Journey

For those who need encouragement as they walk the healing journey, Bible Promises for the Healing Journey is a gift of compassion and encouragement. Verses are given for every phase of the journey…for denial, anger, betrayal, loss, grief, sadness, etc. This is the best possible companion as you travel. God's Word, in these promises, reminds you that the journey is a road for two and His presence is very real along the way.

Lana is working on a training seminar schedule for 2015-2016. Please send your name and address if you're considering being trained to minister emotional healing prayer to others.
For those who have experienced emotional healing prayer with this ministry...we are interested in sharing your testimony. Please contact us if you would like to minister through your personal testimony with those who might need to hear your story.
Contact our office if you need more information on Lana's speaking topics and her upcoming schedule.
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